Monday, 13 September 2010


Hey all,

Ok so i am thinking of hitting Gwithian tomorrow. It's looking ok, not all time and a bit west but ok none the less. I am also thinking i may hit Kimmeridge on wednesday but that is a long way away.....

So if your in cornwall or dorset come and have a chat. I don't have too much 2011 gear at the moment as it is still on test but none the less come and have a word.


Thursday, 9 September 2010


Hey all,

Tomorrow i am thinking either Lyme Regis or Gwithians. It is still a bit here or there on the forecast. Lyme is tempting but the tide is going pretty low at 0.3m so there will be an hour either side of it that is no good... too shallow... Any way i shall have a look and let you know what the score is later on today.

Monday, 6 September 2010


Hi All,

Just a quick one. After the brilliant weekend at the NWF i was asked if i could let people know where i will be sailing when forecasts come through so that people can come and knock on the van and have a spin on the latest 2011 boards and sails... So i have made a blog which i hope will enable me to let everyone know where i will be sailing! I shall also update it with pics of where i have been, what's happening, what's new and what's cool. So hopefully we can all keep in touch a bit easier and i can let everyone have a go on the best boards in the world!